20 Amazing Christmas Gift Box Ideas

A Christmas tree with ornaments and lights and gifts boxes placed below

Christmas is the season of celebrating togetherness and appreciating your loved ones. This gratitude and appreciation are shown in the form of little gifts and plenty of hugs. Make sure you get the best gift for your loved ones this festive season. Here is a list of 20 Christmas gift box ideas that you can use to gift your loved ones.

Christmas decorations with wrapped gift boxes

Christmas is the season of giving, and many cultures around the world gift their loved ones with presents to spread the festive cheer.

1. Chocolate Box

You can never go wrong with a box of chocolates. Give a basket of assorted chocolates in a box. You can gift wrap some of them to add a pop of color to your basket. Leave a little Christmas note and don’t forget to warn them about having a sugar rush.

A box of assorted chocolates in different shapes and patterns

Chocolates are a treat adored by all. Chocolate boxes make for an ideal gift to present to loved ones during the holiday season.

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2. Red Color Theme

Making a color-themed box is the easiest. You can inculcate gifts from different domains that are red. Choose a red-colored box as the base to put all your red gifts inside it. You can add a red scented candle, a bottle of red wine, a red Christmas tree decoration. Don’t forget to add a red stocking with little chocolates, notes, and candies inside it.

3. Flower Box

If you know of someone who admires flowers, then this is a perfect gift for them. Flowers of different colors hold different meanings. You can find the right color and make a flower basket or a flower bouquet as a Christmas box gift. You can preserve the flower using resin. Make chains and earrings using the preserved flowers.

Two cane baskets holding pink hibiscus flowers against a blue backdrop

Gifting flowers is common, but it is also a sincere act of love. Flowers make people happy and gifting flowers is a great idea for this holiday season.

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4. Winter Care Box

Christmas is the best time to get cozy and warm. Making a fuzzy and warm winter care box is an absolute winner. You can add a scarf or a hoodie to your winter care box. You can also add a lip balm, moisturizer, and a flask to keep the hot chocolate warm. Add some fuzzy socks to this box and you are good to go.

5. Everything Coffee

This is the right gift for someone who is obsessed with coffee. Make a whole set of everything related to or made of coffee and gift it to them. Add a coffee cake and an espresso maker if you have the budget for it. You also decorate your box with coffee beans, as this will add a beautiful aroma to your gift and make it stand out from the rest.

6. Baking Kit

If you know of someone who is a total baking addict, this is the way to go. You can add different Christmas themed cookie cutters. You can also get them some sprinkles and some ingredients to bake with. Be creative and get Christmas themed baking kits that can be found in any gift shop or even a grocery store.

7. Knitting Set

Giving a creative gift where a person can develop a skill is a perfect practical gift. If you know someone who loves knitting or even loves fashion, this is a good gift to consider. You can purchase the ready-made knitting kit, or you can also make your kit with individual items.

8. Christmas Fruit Basket

A quality assorted fruit basket is a luxurious looking gift but won’t make a huge dent in your pocket. Gift this to people who love healthy snacking. You can add some nut butter, which complements fruits like apples and even some fruit jam to create a perfect Christmas delight. You can also add some dried fruits or potpourri into your basket.

A cane basket full of apples and walnuts

Apples are one of the most popular fruits associated with Christmas. Apples represent good health and fortune, and is a symbol of the festive season.

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9. Grooming Gift Box

It is difficult to buy gifts for men that are inexpensive yet practical. A simple Christmas gift box idea would be giving a care package. This is an ideal gift to give when you have no clue what to get. Add a deodorant, moisturizer, and a good shaving blade set.

10. Writing Gift Set

If you have someone in your friends and family circle who is a complete stationery hoarder, and this person also loves reading books, this is your way to go. You can get some stationery items like pens, pencils, and color pens. To make it festive, you can get them in a Christmas theme. Add a nice book you love for them to read so you can discuss it later with them over the holidays. You can also get them a personal diary or a journal.

11. Hot Chocolate Making Set

It’s not Christmas if there is no hot chocolate. You can make your own hot chocolate set and gift it this season. You can add some marshmallows, sprinkles, hot cocoa powder, and an instruction manual, and of course, a mug to make the hot chocolate. This is a very inexpensive and thoughtful gift.

Santa Claus mug full of hot chocolate and marshmallows

Hot chocolate is a delicious, fan-favorite drink for cold winter days. It is a drink commonly associated with Christmas and the festive season.

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12. Plant Lover

Gifting plants as a Christmas box gift is a perfect way to make your box stand out and be colorful. You can gift a cute plant pot along with an indoor plant. The easiest plants to take care of are cacti, and they are pretty too. You can also gift a “grow your own plant kit”. You can buy some seeds and package it in a cute red wrapping paper and add it to your basket.

A cactus plant placed inside a golden metallic box

Plants have become a popular gift choice for many people today. Gifting someone a plant is a good choice as it can breathe life into their space and showcase your warmest regards.

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13. Going Down the Memory Lane

If you are gifting someone you are very close to, you could create a nostalgia Christmas box. You could include little bits and pieces from different memories you shared with the person. It can be in the form of chocolates, a board game you both used to play, or even an old sweatshirt.

14. Travelers Christmas Package

Many times, people struggle with packing for trips due to excessive things to pack. You can gift a mini-travel size pack for your friends/family this Christmas. Add a sleeping mask, and a cute Christmas themed luggage tag as an additional gift in your box. This is a very useful gift that not many people think of.

15. Home Decor Box

You can include little ornamental pieces, a vase, or even some cushion covers if you want to amp up your gifts. Everyone enjoys a good decorative piece. You can personalize and make a small piece on your own. You don’t have to spend excessive amounts of money. Invest in some kitchen utensils or even a baking pan as a Christmas gift.

16. Movie Lovers Gift Box

For someone who enjoys watching movies, getting them a whole movie essentials basket is a great Christmas gift idea. You can include a popcorn bucket with different flavors of popcorn. Add a cozy little throw blanket for keeping them warm. You can also go an extra step and give some movie coupon codes or movie tickets for the upcoming week. If you want to take it a step up, you can also build a little blanket fort. You can keep your laptop with a movie on it and then place the gift in the fort. This is a very cute approach to presenting your Christmas gift.

A mug of hot chocolate with a bowl of popcorn by the fireplace

Hot chocolate is the perfect winter drink, and popcorn is a go-to movie snack for all. This combination is also a favorite among movie lovers, as it represents warmth and comfort on a chilly night.

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17. Ice Your Own Cookies

Create a fun activity out of your gift and get a cookie icing set. You can make a gingerbread house using the cookies or even make funny Santa expressions. It is a great gift to have some bonding time with your family and make funny cookies. You never know, someone might unleash their creative artistic side this Christmas, and the best part of this gift is you get to eat it. You can also find a cookie icing set or a cake icing set, depending on what baked goods you prefer.

A plate of gingerbread men cookies with icing

Gingerbread is a popular Christmas treat, and preparing cookies in the shape of gingerbread men is a centuries-old activity that highlights the cheer of the festive season.

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18. Fragrance Kit

You can mix up your box and add different products with a scent to it. Add some Christmas themed scented candles, a nice bottle of perfume and some flowers in the box. You can add some essential oils and a diffuser. You can add some fragrant flowers in your kit, as well as a nice fragrant bath oil. Make sure not to add too many clashing scents. You can choose a theme like oranges and get related scents.

19. Bring Your Spa Home

A relaxing gift is the best gift for all people. You can create an at-home spa kit for friends/family to treat themselves this festive season. Add some bath bombs, some bath salts, and a nice fluffy towel. You can add other added products like essential oils for aromatherapy.

20. Ultimate Christmas Box

This gift is perfect if you know someone who loves the festive season and all things festive. Create the ultimate Christmas box and add every element of Christmas in it. Put some Christmas tree ornaments, a hot chocolate mug, and some fuzzy socks. You can also add a festive board game and a plum cake into your basket. Use strings and fake snow to decorate your box to make it the ultimate Christmas box.

Christmas is a season of lights, food, and lots of time with your family. Do not stress over what to gift them. This list will help you decide what gift to give your friends and family this year. Making these boxes are personal and inexpensive. Find and make the best gift for everyone on your Christmas list this season. These are some Christmas gift box ideas that you can use. You can always mix and match different boxes based on your preference. Have a Merry Christmas.