15 Fabulous DIY Dog Crate Ideas


Dog owners believe that dog completes the home. You owe tremendous affection towards this loving companion. You love the way he licks your hand or face and wag the tail. Undoubtedly, you take special care of him. How about gifting him a new Crate? Perhaps, you are already planning to redecorate your home with some stylish dog crate ideas and this is your motto of visiting this page.

So feel like giving your pup a fashionable piece of furniture, and find sufficiently of cute ideas, Here are 8 incredible appealing miniature artwork examples to get inspired. whether you want to buy or DIY. In this article, you will discover fabulous DIY dog crate ideas.

Fabulous DIY Dog Crate Ideas

Coffee table DIY dog crate

As the name suggests this dog crate has a finishing of Coffee table that looks fabulous if kept in living area. It is ideal if you own small breeds like Pomerium, Dalmatian, etc. It not only looks cute but also will keep you close to your dog. However, the price seems a bit insane but it equalises by offering style and multipurpose usage. This will add extra storing to your living areas by building a fashionable and exclusive storage coffee table with wood crates!

Nightstand DIY dog crate

It is perfect if you want your dog to sleep near you. It has the finishing of Nightstand. On the top, you can decorate it with alarm clock, night lamp. It is best suited for small breeds of dogs.

Metallic table DIY dog crate

With a metallic finish, it gives a perfect look to your home. It looks perfect when coupled with sofas in the living space. On the top, you can place your drinks, magazines, remotes, etc. Well, you have just cleaned your closet and found a growing pile of socks that are missing their mate? Wait you don’t have to worry anymore, as we have some ideas to use your socks!

DIY Custom Cabinet Dog Crate

This kind of dog crate is fit into the cabinet, which is why it saves some space. You can use it for small or medium breeds of dogs.

Bookshelf Dog Crate

As the name says, it has a bookshelf on the above. It is ideal for medium to large dog breed. However, don’t prefer it if you own an extra-large breed such as Great Dan. This can be the fashionable book shelves that keep books in your little ones’ touch!

DIY Dog Bunk Bed

This dog crate only includes a without roof open bed kennel. It ideal for large breeds such as German Shepherds, Labradors and even Great Dan. If your dog doesn’t want to live in enclosed kennels, then go for it. Here are few important tips to handle an injured pet in emergency situations

Under stairs storage DIY dog crate

The space left in beneath the stairs is used in this dog crate. You need a little furnishing to include it there. Depending on the storage space of under stairs, it can fit dogs from small to medium.

Custom Large Dog Crates

If you own large dog breeds like Great Dan, then a normal kennel is not going to work. You need a custom made large Dog crates for your dog.

Art inspired dog crate

If you are very fashion conscious, then you go for art inspired dog crate. The prices are impractical but when it comes to style, price barely matters.

Here we have fabulous DIY dog crate ideas. So these are the ways to mixture a dog crate into your living room decoration and keep your energetic puppy off your outside furniture. You can do both things without the need to cooperation on style. I hope you like it and will rejuvenate your home with one of the dog crate mentioned here. While using a dog crate, don’t restrict your pet by using the gates. They are an amazing and devoted creature, they should not be caged. Use the gates only if they are uncontrolled or violent. 

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