10 Essential Tips for Make- Up


Applying make-up is a fun and more of an art. Wouldn’t it interest you if every day you get a chance to design a new look for yourself? It’s obvious who doesn’t likes to be appreciated for great looks. Though, it may take years to master the art of doing make-up as it’s essential to learn about the face shape, what colors will flatter you, how much one should apply and moreover how to apply.

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You must have listened or seen that females spend hours doing their make-up. But, the main idea is not about spending hours on doing it. You should have the know-how and see how much make-up can accelerate your best features and conceal those that are unfavorable. It is therefore necessary to learn about such essential Tips for Make-up which will help in doing just to your skin and your looks. As not much time is left and the cold season is on our heads, it would be logical enough to organize your wardrobe with pullovers, winter coats, woolen sweaters, mufflers, scarves etc. Below discussed are cute winter outfits for teens.

Essential Tips for Make- Up

Choose right Primers:

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It is very important to select the right primer as per your skin type. If the base of make-up is spoiled due to usage of non-complimentary primer then nothing more would be left for you to do. For instance, with the use of right primer one would be able to moisturize dry skin and ratifying their oily skin accordingly.


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There is a technique to apply this. You just can’t do it in any way:

  • If you want complete coverage then use your fingers to apply foundation
  • For smooth finishing apply it in downward direction same as of your hair growth
  • Make use of brush to apply this if you want more finishing and medium to full coverage.

Applying powder:

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Powder must be applied specifically to those areas where your get too much oily. If your face shines most on the tip of your nose then apply it there. Moreover, generally the T-zone is a right place to start with.

Caress your brows:

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This is one of the most essential tips for make-up which is mostly ignored. Whether you have naturally great eye-brows by birth or they are simply fuzzy lines, it is important to get them shaped from a professional time to time in order to enhance your looks. Moreover, invest in a branded brows pencil or powder.


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The simple way to apply blush in the best manner is to smile first and then do it. Start with the cheeks, then move it back towards the ears and again forward towards the jaw line. Applying blush on the right areas can even help you improve your face shape. Curvy women always wants to look good so here are some important fashion tips for curvy women which they should learn and follow.


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For best results and in order to look attractive, apply a shadow lighter than your original skin tone color. There is a reason behind this as light color will make your eyes outstand and in a way they will be noticed.

Show off your lip color:

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It’s actually needed, show some of the brightest and greatest colors on your lips. Let them be the first portion of your face to get noticed. Let them be show-stealers. Many females refrain themselves from applying bright colors such as red but with bright colors you can bring all the limelight to your face.

Mascara pointer:

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You would have seen all make-up professionals use black mascara for all eyes.

  • It a great make-up tool to pop-up your eyes which is not at all expensive
  • During daytime, best results are achieved with the application of two-three coats
  • If you are getting ready for an evening function then some more layers would even look graceful

Line your eyes:

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Use of eyeliner is much differentiated than mascara. This actually helps to shape and line your eyes in a unique manner. For best results, it is advisable to pull your skin tight, look down at the mirror and then apply it.

Be trendy but don’t forget basics:

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When learning about essential tips for make-up, the most important thing is to have a grip on basics. Make-up trends change very frequently and there is no harm in trying no techniques and new colors but you should mainly rely on colors that you know will work best on your skin-type.

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