13 Things Millennials Have In Their Backpack When They

This post was most recently updated on July 23rd, 2020

Millennials love to travel. It gives them much-needed time to reflect on their priorities in life and helps them make crucial career choices. If one has the financial resources to pause, travel and reassess life, then why not take advantage? According to a report by the Boston Consulting Group, the millennial generation, defined as those between the ages of 16 and 34, is much more interested in traveling abroad as compared to older generations.

In fact, they lead the front by a 23-percentage-point margin. Another survey by the United Nations estimates that 20 percent of all international tourists are young people and together they generate more than $180 billion in annual tourism revenue. This rising inclination to travel amongst millennials is due to better incomes and the fact that millennials believe that there will be no money left in the Social Security system by the time they retire. So, under these circumstances, it makes sense that they travel now instead of waiting to save and travel in the future that is in no way guaranteed.

But a successful trip starts with planning and the right packing. While packing can certainly be the bane in many millennials’ life, we have tried to make this chore a little less complicated for you. Today, we are going to share 13 of the most important things a millennial jet-setter should always have in their backpack. Keep reading to learn more about which items to carry that can cater to every kind of trip!


Nothing is worse than realizing you forgot your passport after reaching the airport. So, keep it handy and preferably in a visible place, so you can remember to pick it up while leaving the house. Even while traveling, stay alert and don’t lose your travel documents – especially your passport!

Universal adapters

It is necessary to charge all your gadgets before traveling. However, if you are traveling abroad, the voltage and outlets may work differently. This is why you should keep a universal adapter and a voltage converter at hand, so you don’t fry your electronics. Read this blog about some of the best travel adapters to buy while traveling.

Portable phone charger

A portable phone charger comes in handy when your smartphone battery dies at the end of the day. It’s one of the best inventions of the 21st century. Look for one that has a balancing battery capacity, extra security and a svelte size for long-lasting battery power.

Sturdy backpack

Choose a sturdy backpack that can act as your go-to choice when traveling. Look for one that offers a lot of organization options so that you fit in more than you’d expect. A backpack made from high-quality vegan leather is lightweight and lasts for many years. Look for a design that can be converted into a shoulder bag too, making it perfect for all kinds of travel.

Packing Cubes

If you haven’t heard of them yet, let us introduce you to these little cubes of zippered goodness that will revolutionize the way you pack. Packing cubes help you stay organized and keep your belongings compact so that you don’t have to unravel your whole backpack to find one thing.

Clothes and multipurpose shoes

Research the kind of climate you’ll experience in the country you’re about to land. The key is to take a few light layers and warm layers for the nights. Pack enough clothes to last you during the trip but don’t overpack. After all, it is very difficult to fit everything in a backpack. A pair of pajamas, a few t-shirts, a genuine leather jacket, underwear, socks and your trusted old pair of jeans should be enough for a short trip.

It doesn’t make sense to bring four to five pair of shoes for a single trip. Instead, we recommend you to bring a sturdy pair of waterproof sneakers and another comfortable pair for long walks.


Keep your toiletry bag light and TSA-compliant. TSA doesn’t allow liquids, gels or aerosols more than 100 ml. So, get the 1 quart-sized packs and store them in clear zip-top bags. Visit this link for more information about TSA rules regarding what you can carry in your toiletry bag.

Protein bars

Travel and healthy food options don’t go hand in hand. Most items in the airport are overpriced or loaded with sugar. So, pack your own healthy travel snacks that are rich in protein. They will help you stay energized and help you stay away from junk food. A protein bar is a great choice when it comes to fueling your body during your travels. Choose one that is healthy and without sugar.

Money or credit card

Always carry cash with you, especially if you are traveling to a foreign country. Many places don’t accept credit cards, so it is better to be prepared. However, make sure that you don’t keep all the cash in one place. Divide the cash into different pockets or purses.

A pocket journal

Make sure to keep a small pocket journal and a pen in your backpack. It can prove to be very useful to write down last-minute to-do lists and reminders for the trip.

Emergency stain removal pen

Did you know there is a thing known as an emergency stain removal pen? It can help you spot clean clothes in record time. This revolutionary invention helps lift food stains, dirt, and grease from clothes so that you re-use them throughout your trip.

Reusable water bottle

Water is extremely overpriced at the airport, and plastic bottles are also an environmental hazard. So, consider  https://www.globosurfer.com/best-filtered-water-bottles/ that not only keeps your drink hot or cold for hours but also comes in handy while you travel.

First aid kit

Always keep a basic first aid kit in your backpack. It should include an antiseptic, some bandages, painkillers, antihistamines and a pair of small scissors. For the exact contents of your first aid kit, refer to the rules and regulations of the country you’re about to travel.

We hope our list of travel essentials for the millennial traveler was helpful in preparing your backpack for the next trip. Have faith in yourself and prepare yourself to enjoy your trip to the fullest. After all, you spent your hard-earned money and lots of energy in planning the adventure, so live life to the fullest while you can.

Did we miss any essentials that might be helpful on your next trip? Share your favorite travel essentials with us in the comments below and enlighten fellow millennials travelers!

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