Top 10 Reasons to Quit Smoking

If you smoke, then you must have listened many times from your near and dear ones to quit smoking. They quarrel and get irritated over this issue. It’s probable that you must be aware of the ill-effects of smoking. Heart diseases, Cancer, bronchitis, strokes are some of the deadly medical ill-effects. But, smoking is not restricted to these consequences only; it is much more severe than this and can even prove fatal at times.

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It calls for an urgency to stop smoking and get rid of it completely. We come up with Top 10 Reasons to quit smoking which are often seen as an incentive to stick to the idea of quitting. You may have many other reasons as well to quit out of which some can be even personal.  You need to change your lifestyle and also give a look to Tips to reduce your cholesterol.

Reasons to Quit Smoking

Feel full of Breath

If you smoke, then you must be aware of this fact that you face lack of breath at times. The reason is very simple that our lungs are filled with a sticky and black material commonly called as tar and it restricts are lungs’ ability to intake oxygen from the air. So, if you quit you will not experience shortness of breath.

Do away with heart diseases and cancer

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Sever heart diseases and cancers are common ill-effects of smoking.

  • People who smoke are four times more prone to death by sudden cardiac attack as compared to non-smokers.
  • Moreover, if you smoke then you are 14 times at a higher risk of death due to lung cancer, mouth cancer and throat cancer.
  • The early you quit, the early you prevent yourself.

Improve your looks

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Smokers generally have a pale face and more wrinkles. It makes you look older and ill. You can’t attract women easily due to the poor looks. Get rid of it today and see the changes in your appearance.

Save Money

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The cigarette packs are a big crunch on your pockets. If you are a chain smoker, you probably spend a huge amount of money every day in order to stop your craving for the smoke. The number of cigarettes burnt is total money wasted. So quit smoking and save money.

Improve your sex life

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You must be aware of this fact that men who smoke face a lot of difficulty in having an erection. This is one of the top 10 reasons to quit smoking as it can completely spoil your sex life as you can develop permanent problem of erectile dysfunction. Thereby, simply stop smoking and enhance your sex life.

Think about people for whom you care

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It’s obvious that smoking reduces your life expectancy. It can make you ill, dull and may even kill you. You may die at an early age as compared to non-smokers. Think about your family and your loved ones and never smoke again for their sake.

Earn respect among friends, colleagues and society

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If you give-up smoking, you set a great example in front of many. They will perceive you as Strong, capable and determined. You will earn the society’s respect and they will give you credit for your achievement.

Prevention from teeth and gum related problems

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Smoking can destroy your personal hygiene by spoiling your teeth and causing severe damage to your gums. Just imagine you lose your confidence even to laugh due to bad teeth. Isn’t quitting smoking much viable?

Get rid of stinking smell

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Smoking is not associated with internal health diseases; it exposes you to many hygiene related problems as well. The stinking smell that follows you everywhere due to which you need to take mouth fresheners and fresh gums can be dealt easily if you quit smoking.

Think about yourself

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From the list of top 10 reasons to quit smoking, this is truly the most important. By quitting smoking, you are giving benefits to self. You deserve to lead to a healthy life without the smoke element. So quit for yourself and establish your new identity.

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