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25 Plaid Skirt Outfit Ideas To Copy Right Now

25 Plaid Skirt Outfit Ideas To Copy Right Now

The plaid skirt came to us from far away from Scotland, where the men for many centuries wore a plaid skirt – the kilt. Yes, that sounds strange, but Scottish men wear skirts! But times have changed, and from stuffy Scottish gentry, it has sort of become identified with glamour from the time Britney Spears

40 Bohemian Style Outfits To Try This Summer

Bohemian clothing is all about flaunting the hippie side of your personality. The more creative you can get with this theme, the better you look. There is no routine pattern or colour that characterises the bohemian clothing style, but anything that makes you feel ultra-hippie is a great bohemian wear. Still, a lot of women