5 Ways To Get the Perfect Tan

One of the easiest ways to really amplify your look and natural beauty is to get an amazing, all-over tan that lets you glow from the inside out. But getting a tan can actually be a lot harder than you might think. Without usually being able to bare it all (which is often not practical) or using potentially damaging tanning beds, it can seem pretty much impossible to avoid those tan lines. Not to mention sticky and streaky tanning lotions that are annoying to use and will leave you with awkward tan lines.

But the company CoolTan is changing the tanning game with their revolutionary, uniquely patented tan-through shirts and swimwear. Here are 5 ways to get the perfect tan with CoolTan’s Tan-Through swimwear:


Swimsuits That Work Like a Medium-Level Sunscreen:

CoolTan swimsuits contain uniquely formulated Microsol V fabric, a breathable, porous fabric that allows approximately half of the sun’s light to work just like a medium level sunscreen.  CoolTan still recommends using sunscreen as some of that skin hasn’t been exposed to the sun at all, but it’s nice to know that your clothing or swimsuit is also offering a base layer of protection to keep your skin glowing without getting burnt. Perfect for getting that all-over, even tan, without having to worry about tan lines.

Tan Through All Your Favorite Activities:

CoolTan’s Tan Through swimsuits are incredibly lightweight and comfortable, making them a great choice for all your favorite activities from tanning at the beach to boating, going on vacation, or even just relaxing in your backyard. With styles for both women and men you are sure to find something to make your outdoor activities even better.

Microsol Fabric Keeps you Cool and Dry:

CoolTan’s Microsol fabric works great as a medium-level sunscreen, but it is also incredibly comfortable and keeps you cool even on the hottest of summer days. The porous fabric lets air and water flow right through the fabric, making it light and breathable, and dries quickly to avoid that soggy swimsuit feel and help you get the perfect tan with no extra work needed.

Variety of Different Products For Every Need:

CoolTan has a variety of styles for every preference, from 1-pieces and monokinis to halters and string bikinis, so you can find the level of comfort you need to rock that natural tan. They also have a range of men’s styles from racers to board shorts. But they also know that it’s not always possible to be laid out on the beach in a swimsuit, which is why CoolTan have introduced a unique line of TanThrough shirts and tank tops to help you get an effortless tan while going about your daily activities and errands.

Vitamin D Health Benefits Without Harmful Skin Damage:

Vitamin D is known as the “Sunshine Vitamin” and is incredibly important in maintaining overall health. But too much time in the sun without skin protection can be damaging to your skin, which is why we recommend using CoolTan’s swimwear and shirts to get Vitamin D exposure while also protecting your skin. Used with a base-level of sunscreen it’s the perfect combo to protect your skin while getting your daily Vitamin D!


We hope this list of 5 Ways To Get a Natural Tan This Summer has inspired you to give CoolTan’s products a try, they really are an easy and unique way to get a natural, overall tan!



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