10 Inescapable Tips to Drive Safely

Safe driving has become a basic necessity now-a-days to stay healthy and alive. Lots of advertisements and campaigns on how to drive safely and be safe drivers are being organized for public welfare. Despite so much effort being made by authorities, unfortunately the number of accidents and serious fatalities on road are still increasing.

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Technological growth will continue to help us to bring the ratio of accidents down, but the main cause remains the same that most car accidents are results of human error. It’s only our mistake that we don’t follow traffic rules strictly and blame others if some mis-happening occurs. The best way to reduce the risks of these accidents is to follow safe driving rules.

Inescapable Tips to Drive Safely

Now, let’s have a look over top tips to drive safely on roads –

Avoid Alcohol
Driving when drunk is not a good idea for safe driving. Alcohol is one of the main causes which lead to road accidents.

  • Alcohol reduces concentration and coordination of the driver, which in turn leads to foolish mistakes.
  • Moreover, alcohol causes blurred vision and loss of consciousness.
  • So, it’s always better to avoid driving while drinking.
  • When we are drunk, it’s suitable to ask other family member or a friend to drive our vehicle.

Inescapable Tips to Drive Safely

Don’t talk on cell phones
In many countries, laws have been made that ban the use of cell phones while driving as it reduces concentration and distracts the driver’s mind. Many of us think that talking and texting while driving is quite easy and comfortable but, we don’t realize the fact that it can prove fatal for our life. It’s only safe to use hand-free device while driving, we should keep our eyes on the road and be attentive to be safe.

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Avoid Driving Drowsy
It’s always advisable to have enough sleep and proper rest before going for a long drive. If we are tired and fall asleep while driving, the results can be far more dangerous. Hitting cars into trees or electric poles may turn into deadly scenario. The best solution is to take solid eight hours of sleep on regular basis.

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Don’t Avoid Seat Belts
Seat belts are one of the best tips to drive safely. It has been proved that most of the accidents occur because people don’t use seat belts. In serious car crash cases, seat belt proves as a good option for survival.

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Drive Safely
We should always keep the speed limit of the vehicle in our mind while driving and never neglect that even under extreme situations as it will be convenient for us only. The best way to reach the desired place as early as possible is to leave early.

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Maintain Distance
According to driving guidelines it’s always safe to keep a distance between our vehicle and the vehicle ahead.  If the vehicle in front stops immediately or turns suddenly, so we get some time to react accordingly.

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Be Careful in Bad Climatic Conditions
We should take extra care while driving in bad climatic conditions such as  – drive below the speed limit, maintain extra space between the two vehicles to avoid collision. When we experience bad visibility due to fog or snow, its better not to travel for long distances.

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Stay Connected with Latest Updates
Its better keep on searching the web for traffic updates and listen to traffic alerts while driving especially when we are moving to other cities for long vacations.

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Maintenance of Vehicle
Before going out for a long distance, we should always make sure that vehicle is in good condition, tyres are properly inflated and all liquid fuels are at their proper levels. Also, get the vehicle checked with professional mechanic.

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Avoid Rash Driving
Driving in an aggressive way is not a safe thing to do. This increases the risks of accidents. A driver should strictly adhere to the traffic rules and follow tips to drive safely to save his/her life as well as of others.

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So, if we want to stay safe it’s better to adhere to the traffic rules and laws.

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